Pages Apart

by Atiptoe

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released September 16, 2013

All songs written and performed by Atiptoe.
Recorded, engineered, mixed and mastered by Henrik Fossum at Boston House Studio, Brentford and Spiral Studios, Guildford.

Artwork: concept by Iain Kerr, origami by Rob at Fold Your Mind, photography and design by Simon Treasure.



all rights reserved


Atiptoe UK

Kinda like math rock but also kinda not.

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Track Name: Congratulations Professor!
Where have you been?
I haven't seen your smile
Or heard your voice for far too long

You're what's missing
It's such a shame you don't see
My worth as much as I see yours

No one said you've got to go
No one said you've got to go
But I understand you must continue
Even though we're not far apart
It still feels like my world's corrupt
I just wish my absence meant more to you

Where are you now?
Moving from country to country
Singing songs about your broken heart

The least you could have done
Would be to fill the void you made
With a single thought spared for me
Track Name: No Dogs (Dogs Kill Penguins)
Everything you are is borrowed
From your look to your clothes
Your opinions and so on
Except for your confidence
It's that look in your eyes
That reveals this side of you
That's so painful to watch
A broken man stands before me
With conflicting ambitions

Where did the end begin?
What happened to you
That distanced you
From your first love?
What brought on the change?
Or did you just stay the same
I've known you so long
Yet you still manage to surprise me
With each new revelation

Can you tell me when the last time you felt alive was?
Can you tell me when was it last you could feel your own pulse?
And you think that no one knows what you're trying to hide
But I'm on to you my friend just don't think you got away this time

Nothing's fair or reasonable,
Logical, nor sensical
This can't be my fault
It's not mine

But I left you in the worst way
In the hands of someone else
Who was unaware
Of how it felt

All these things I know about you
Become a distant memory
This I can't forget
I can't forget

From what I see your future's bleak
These compromises will dictate your sleep
You still have time to mend your ways
Stay true to yourself don't be afraid
Track Name: Rud's Yard
It's getting late, procrastinate
You're supposed to be here now
My mind begins to wander aimlessly

You slam the door, I've been through this before
I'm not going anywhere.
I'm not sure what happened
But I haven't played a part in anything

I can tell you where you've gone wrong
It's not what you've said, more what you've done
Drown your sorrows then cross the fault line
Again and again
If you could see all the damage you've done
It's all over, your war is won
Head in the clouds while your heart's on fire
If only we knew what you were fighting for

Keep your voice down
There's no need to shout
I'm only trying to understand what you're on about
Just slow down and take a deep breath
Maybe you'll even start to make some sense

How is this my fault? I wasn't even there
And then you wanna try and claim that I don't even care
This is getting too much, I just don't get
What the fuck is going on

You won't change your mind
For anyone else, besides yourself
I'm sick of playing your victim
But there's just one thing you don't even realise

We jump into a place that we don't know of
Just to feel alive for a minute filled with raw emotion
In this time we fight the fires of what were made of
Time and time again until we hit the ground in slow motion
Track Name: My Flexible Friend
You're not completely to blame
You did what seemed right
Following your intuition
Without foresight
Patience is a virtue
But you wouldn't think silence would hurt you
But you wouldn't know that

You missed your chance
You missed your chance
The doors are closed
There's no going back anymore
But you keep trying your luck
In a situation that I had finished before you started it

Just close your eyes
And roam your mind
To seek solace
For the judgement you had always feared
You're not the only one
Who's hurt over and over for what their eyes are fixed on

Now aware
You've started to stray
I stand alone in our wake
Do I act in the moment
Or passively admit defeat?

After some time, you can take him out of the picture
And put me back where I once stood in the first place
You can go and change your mind again
As many times as you see fit
But I don't plan on becoming something permanent
No, I don't plan on becoming something permanent

I don't want you back
When you want me back
See I've had enough
Don't you hate tough luck?

So if I've stepped out of line
You can let me know